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Thaumaturgy Lesson 4: Energy Manipulation

on Sun 24 Jun 2018, 15:45
Lesson 4: Energy Work

Learning how to work with energy directly can be one of the most difficult techniques of thaumaturgy, simply because it's so experiential. Unlike the physical senses, where you can hand someone a rose and agree on what it smells like, or play music or look at images, energy is most present on the ethereal plane. The thaumaturge must turn inward and access senses that are far more subtle and not generally encouraged in greater society, other than when children are encouraged to "use their imagination"... and this results in people assuming such things are imaginary.

Of course, the energies used in magic work can be perceived or measured in the physical realm, such as when a worker's hands tingle while doing an energy healing, or when spirit activity is measured by physical equipment. For the most part, however, the non-physical senses are what must be used to sense, tap into, and work with these energies.

People often wonder where or how to begin, and it can be difficult to describe. Tai Chi or Reiki are perhaps the most accessible methods for perceiving and working directly with these energies. At first, you may feel as though you're simply "going through the motions," but over time the energy will gather and you can start to feel it as a force that straddles the physical and the non. With practice, you will learn how to open yourself to these energies and access them instantly (and learn how to close off harmful types by simply reversing the action).

There are different types of energy. As you become more skilled, you will be able to recognize them, just as you recognize what deities and spirit guides feel like as individuals. Reiki and Tai Chi energy tends to be more of the "white/golden Light of God/The Universe/Great Spirit/Goodness" type and is relatively easy to access and work with. The life force of plants and animals are another type, and each is unique. These also straddle the physical and non.

Another source of energy is the unseen and ethereal portions of the electricity around you (but be careful with that so that you don't either drain or blow out electronic devices around you such as MP3 players). If you're walking near power lines, you can draw down a trickle charge of electrical energy from them that you can convert to magic energy. This energy transmutation is also the reason for animal sacrifice in some types of magic -- converting the life force of the animal into power for a working.

Once the practitioner has learned how to tap into and manipulate various forms of energy, they can then push it back out in many forms. One way to utilize this energy is a direct "chi push" which is often combined with a hand movement or martial arts movement. This can be seen in videos of Shaolin masters in combat. Charging physical objects during spellwork is another use. Energy healing and directing energy into a purpose, such as along an "astral thread" that connects two things together, are other ways to use energy directly in magic workings.

If you are very new to handling energy directly, start with simple tai chi moves that work with energy flows. "Pretend" that you are scooping it up from the ground, and pulling it down from above, and forming it into an invisible ball in front of you. Then push the ball outward toward a goal during spellwork.

If you are experienced, open yourself to the many types of energy in the world around you, such as animal, plant, electromagnetic, and that of your spirit guide(s). Make a journal entry that describes how they are different from each other (color, weight, texture, etc.)

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