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Thaumaturgy Lesson 3: Guides and Spirit Beings

on Sun 10 Jun 2018, 11:40
Lesson 3: Working with Guides/Spirits/Beings

One of the most beautiful and powerful things that can happen in thaumaturgy is working directly with a non-physical being that is directly connected to other planes and energies at an entirely different level. These can be gods, angels, loa, devas, fae, animal spirit guides, or a multitude of other types of non-human helpers.

Most Pagans have had direct contact from these beings in one way or another. Sometimes it's finding a meaningful sign or symbol on the sidewalk while out and about, like a coin or a feather. Sometimes you may experience something (such as a sight, sound, smell, etc.) that no one else around you can perceive. Sometimes it's direct spoken word communication between you and them. Sometimes it's even more than that.

The Gallifreyan Tradition seems to be unique in that most of its members has direct contact experience, often in the form of plurality. This lesson recognizes all levels of experience, from those who have never had direct contact, to those whose guides front in the shared body on a daily basis. No matter what the level of depth is, it can always be made deeper for the practitioner's benefit.

Deepening the Bond

Many people new to the path don't know where to begin. They know they probably have a "guardian angel" or another type of being who is concerned for their safety and steps in to help as needed. Many times it comes in the form of clicking with someone from a universe depicted in popular media. The techniques for deepening the bond are essentially the same, no matter how much experience you've had connecting with the non-physicals around you.

If you know nothing about your guide(s), simply start up a conversation. It will be one-sided at first, probably. Do something to get your mind in a relaxed state, such as taking a hot bath or a long walk, or do something repetitious so you can "zone out," such as doing dishes, pulling weeds, or knitting. Ask them what their name is, what their likes and dislikes are, their gender and appearance, and so on. Even if it sounds like you're talking to yourself, keep asking questions. You should start getting surprising answers, or information that you had no way of knowing otherwise. Take note of these and keep going. Another method is to write stories about them and let the details start to flow onto the page. You'll know which ones feel right and which are wrong.

If you have more experience, you can and should have regular conversations with your guides. Find out what they need or what they're concerned about. You may be surprised to find out that they have a craving for a certain food and you can give them that gift by eating it with them, or even putting some on your altar for them to partake of. Some traditions say that you should then finish the food after they're done so that it imbues you with some of their essence. Others say that the food should be disposed of in the garden to let the offering continue and so it goes back into the earth it came from. Do what feels right to you.

Specialized Workings and Tools

When you have it, use information about them in your regular practices. If their color is red, wear red when doing working with or for them. You can also wear their color(s) daily to help them link in more closely and to honor them privately as an ongoing devotional act. No one is going to question the color of your shirt. This goes for other favorites of theirs, such as perfumes, types of jewelry, using their colors in the candles you burn, and so on.

The more you know, the more you can connect, and the more you'll know. You can then make or buy items directly linked to your guide/helpful being. There is satisfaction in either making or buying -- if you're connected to a publicly popular one, whether that be a Catholic saint, Pagan spirit guide, or a "media source" being, some beautiful and powerful items of high quality can be purchased. It connects you with their fandom energy, and it feels good to be part of a larger community that appreciates them. If they're not known to the general public, there is power in putting personal thought and energy into making custom tools. Making a wand with your guide's symbology on it can be a deeply meaningful ritual act, for example.

Your guides will each have their "specialty," which is to your advantage. If you have several, they can work in harmony or tandem, depending on the circumstance at hand. You might have one that's great at business and legal matters who can get you out of jury duty, another who's a healer that can alleviate pain and speed healing, and a third that's a psychopomp (one who guides the dead safely across the veil). They can also work independently, such as traveling to an emergency to help others, or channel their energy through you directly. Your healer could co-front and do a laying-on-of-hands for a friend in pain, and so on.

You will learn to recognize their individual energy signatures, and even sense the color of this energy as you work with this direct connection to greater powers. They form a link between you and the powers of the universe so that you can harness them in your workings. They create a lens through which it can be directed and channeled. If the universe is electricity, and you are the light bulb, your guide is the wiring and the socket that allows you to shine brightly without burning up in the process.

Beware of False Masks

Dark and dangerous things have no problems with doing whatever it takes to deceive people into giving them energy and a doorway through the worlds. One of their favorite techniques is to wear the face of someone you know and trust, in order to gain entry and power. One thing they can't fake, however, is that pure energy signature of the guides you know so well.

If a guide starts behaving erratically or strangely, don't just chalk it up to a bad day, dig a little deeper. Does their energy feel the same, or is something off? Is it the color or sound or other metric that it should be? When you call directly to your guide, what happens?

Your guide will never ask you to harm yourself. Yes, they will push your boundaries and ask for things that might cause pain like tattoos, but it's always for a beneficial purpose. They will never directly tell you to hurt yourself or your loved ones. Only nefarious beings benefit from your harm, because that also harms the positive work that you and your guide(s) are doing together.

If you're finding it difficult to be objective, try to find an experienced person that you can consult with to see what they're picking up on. Don't go along with something a suspicious "guide" says just because it's something you want to hear.

Above all, learn as much as you can about your guide's energy -- what it feels like, how it works, what it will and won't do, and how to focus it during a magic working. This will help you shut out tricksters and access immense power. More detail about how to work with this power is covered in the Energy Manipulation lesson.

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