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May/June 2018 Prequesite Course Notes Thread

on Tue 15 May 2018, 17:58
Week 1

Topic: Guiding Virtues

Instructor: Patrician Cassandra Oakdown

Participants discussed the Six Guiding Virtues and their interpretation of their meanings:

1.Tradition - common and shared history
2. Understanding - being empathetic/sympathetic to the concerns and feelings of others
3. Discipline - following the rules and making amends when you do; control of oneself and consideration of one’s words and actions
4. Integrity - transparency; honesty with self and others; matching one’s words with actions
5. Loyalty - striving to move forward for the good of self and all
6. Respect - understanding in action

It is not a violation of integrity to lie in order to protect oneself from the corrupt and dishonorable.

Titles and positions do not grant someone the right to be treated as more than an equal; that must be earned.

Honorable authority figures must possess openness, patience, composure, confidence, selflessness, wisdom, kindness, the ability to guide others, integrity, consideration for others, the ability to take advice, humility when making mistakes, balance of details and bigger picture, balance of present and future consequences of choices, confidence, must hold themselves to the same standards they hold others.

Notions of infallibility lead to irresponsibility on the part of leaders.

Class concluded with a discussion of the purpose of GT and what students hope to gain from their involvement.

Participants were assigned to write 500+ words on any two of the six virtues of their choice.
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Re: May/June 2018 Prequesite Course Notes Thread

on Thu 24 May 2018, 19:51
Week 2

Topic: Leadership Structure, Houses, and Chapters
Instructor: Patrician Cassandra Oakdown

Leadership Structure

GT is governed by a Council.

The current members of the Council are:

Isa - Healer-President, Gold Usher US

Raven - Healer-Advisor, Gold Usher UK

Cassandra - Patrician-Chancellor

Morgan - Patrician-Coordinator

Mel - Junior Councillor, Supervising Technician

Rule of Conduct (RoC) is expected by Week 3 of class - “behave as you would in an equivalent setting on Gallifrey.” RoC exists for the purpose of “deepening the individual and collective experience of cultural reconstruction.”

Academy settings are different from ceremonial observances, which are different from Council meetings, etc. There is no real day-to-day analogue for Gallifreyan conduct norms on Earth.


Chapter membership is based on the shared traits and priorities of the members.

The Chapters are:

Prydonian - political, structured

Arcalian - scientific, learning-focused

Patrex - artistic

Dromeian - philosophical, reserved

Cerulean - compassionate, caregiving, plant-focused

Scendles - hardworking, practical


Houses can serve many functions. Some are founded as families, some as gatherings of like-minded people, and some as social experiments. House membership does not require an alterhuman identity.

Week 2 assignment - 500+ words on how you identified your Chapter and what it means to you.
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Re: May/June 2018 Prequesite Course Notes Thread

on Tue 29 May 2018, 19:20
Topic: Culture of the Gallifreyan Tradition Society

Instructor: Patrician-Chancellor Cassandra Oakdown

* Please note that from here on RoC should be observed in class meetings. The instructor should be addressed as Chancellor; students will be addressed as Candidate.

The culture of the society is open and supportive. Unlike homeworld Gallifreyan culture, in which someone’s lot in life is affected by circumstance, in GT a person may pursue the place for which they believe they are best suited. It is possible to have a clearly-defined social structure without stratification.

Candidates would like to see more reconstruction done around linguistics and Drylands culture and celebrations.

In the first session of the Workshop, Candidates identified six areas that are prominent in GT culture:

Inclusiveness and acceptance
Valuing knowledge and learning
Social justice and equality
Freedom of thought and expression

Individual members can build and maintain this culture through acting according to the Six Virtues, by improving themselves and helping others do the same, pursuing knowledge and working not to exclude anyone.

Tradition and habit are different; habit can be meaningless or accidental, but nothing becomes a tradition without careful consideration and work. Tradition is historical and inherited. Tradition is more complex than habit, the latter sometimes having no meaning behind it and just being something one simply does. Tradition is normally honored, habits are not. Habits tend to be personal; traditions tend to be shared.

When tradition no longer serves the people, it must be changed.

Week 3’s written assignment is to write 500+ words on the quote, “Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of the flame,” and how it applies to Gallifreyan reconstruction.

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Re: May/June 2018 Prequesite Course Notes Thread

on Tue 05 Jun 2018, 15:03
Week 4

Topic: Infractions Protocol
Instructor: Patrician-Chancellor Cassandra

Infractions protocol was created as a result of an unethically run disciplinary trial. In said trial, things were taken out of context and it was made to look as if the person in question condoned behavior they would never condone. The trial lasted over a week. Because of the harm it caused and the lack of acceptance of complete evidence, it was decided a new system for dealing with infractions and disputes was necessary.

The Infractions Protocol is detailed in the Wikia at the following link:

Minor infractions include hurting other’s feelings; major infractions include harassment and stalking, making direct threats, and publicly reflecting poorly and inaccurately on GT.

GT believes in restorative justice, but sometimes people are no longer permitted to be a part of the community because of the severity of their actions. This has only happened once, due to repeated severe infractions both within GT and that broke the laws of the country in which they live. It was not a decision made lightly.

Assignment: Write about how you would navigate the Protocol, for either a major or minor infraction, as either accuser or accused.
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Re: May/June 2018 Prequesite Course Notes Thread

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