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May/June 2018 Prequesite Course Notes Thread

on Tue 15 May 2018, 17:58
Week 1

Topic: Guiding Virtues

Instructor: Patrician Cassandra Oakdown

Participants discussed the Six Guiding Virtues and their interpretation of their meanings:

1.Tradition - common and shared history
2. Understanding - being empathetic/sympathetic to the concerns and feelings of others
3. Discipline - following the rules and making amends when you do; control of oneself and consideration of one’s words and actions
4. Integrity - transparency; honesty with self and others; matching one’s words with actions
5. Loyalty - striving to move forward for the good of self and all
6. Respect - understanding in action

It is not a violation of integrity to lie in order to protect oneself from the corrupt and dishonorable.

Titles and positions do not grant someone the right to be treated as more than an equal; that must be earned.

Honorable authority figures must possess openness, patience, composure, confidence, selflessness, wisdom, kindness, the ability to guide others, integrity, consideration for others, the ability to take advice, humility when making mistakes, balance of details and bigger picture, balance of present and future consequences of choices, confidence, must hold themselves to the same standards they hold others.

Notions of infallibility lead to irresponsibility on the part of leaders.

Class concluded with a discussion of the purpose of GT and what students hope to gain from their involvement.

Participants were assigned to write 500+ words on any two of the six virtues of their choice.
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