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Lilith's healer's assignment thread

on Thu 01 Mar 2018, 16:39
Healing in itself is the act of restoring balance. This may take many forms. The imbalance that causes one patient to develop migraines may not be the same for another migraine patient. Because everyone's energetic, emotional, physical, and mental systems are so different this may cause the same imbalance to manifest in different ways. The reverse is also true, this means healing methods are highly individualized for each patient. If two patients present with the same symptoms and they even appear to have the same cause, the treatment will be highly personalized. Healing is a process that takes place on many levels (mental, emotional, physical, etc.), which is part of what sets it apart from curing. Curing does nothing to address the underlying imbalance, whereas healing addresses the root cause. For example, if I have a patient with paralysis, I could cure them and simply remove the paralysis. This leaves behind the energetic root cause of the paralysis, meaning it is likely to resurface. This does not benefit the patient and could even be detrimental regardless of whether or not the condition resurfaces. The patient's illness/ailment could offer an opportunity for growth if healed properly. Curing does not allow for this to happen, and could even take away this opportunity. The nature of healing is to restore balance on all levels. This requires a team effort from patient to healer as well as compassion and clear communication. This is another key difference between curing and healing as anyone can administer a cure. In order to restore balance in someone, you must be in balance yourself. Healing is an ongoing process as it not only requires that you restore but maintain balance. It is advised that as a healer you practice self care, and also educate your patients what they need in order to maintain balance for themselves. In my experience, the healers that complete this last step are the ones that can be trusted the most, and trust is crucial for healing.
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