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Azura's Healer assignments thread

on Sun 21 Jan 2018, 19:28
I feel the difference between healing and curing are that healing treats the symptoms of an illness and can reduce them, while curing gets rid of the problem entirely as in no one else will experience the illness. Healing can lead to being cured over time but not always. Instead healing can restore a person’s health to the most optimal level.  The two categories of healing are physical and mental. Healing physical ailments would involve curing injuries such as broke bones, or illnesses such as the flu. Healing the mental state would be healing aliments such as depression or on Gallifrey removing a telepathic bond in the least bit traumatizing way. Depending on the situation the healer could use energy work, magic, medicine, or if the situation calls for it all three. What I would like to get out of the healing class is a better understanding of healing and being able to help others better.

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