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Lilith's intro

on Mon 04 Dec 2017, 17:07
Hello, I am a newly awakened Gallifreyan, with a rather weird, maybe confusing history. I will try to explain it the best i can, and apologize in advance for any confusion. I want to mention that I sometimes have difficulty in communicating at times (especially online), so I may be a bit weird with my wording. I have a spiritual connection with Gallifrey. I have noticed this in my dreams a lot... Many have Rassilon in them. I've never felt completely comfortable speaking about this but I'm happy to have found this forum. I am also here for creative expression as well, I think it helps with the spiritual connection. (I may have gone a bit crazy with the story, but it was fun for me! XD)

My story:I am Lilith, a prydonian. I am 24 years old, but also not. I didn't remember until recently but, I've lived much longer in that time. I've had 2 past lives being born to the same father (a glitch caused by the time war) I am the Master's daughter, but also the Granddaughter of Salazar Slytherin (AKA Marnal, most people don't know Slytherin was actually a time lord). I am also deeply in love with Rassilon, my twin flame. My father struggles with this, and sympathize with him, but I am still with Rassilon. I am an empath. I see the good in others people would deem "evil" like my father and, after the time war, Rassilon. I am also a practitioner of magic, Rassilon was a bit nervous about this at first given Gallifrey's history, but has since changed his mind. We are working to repair the damage caused by the time war and I have been asked to work as a healer. Though I've been asked to stay on earth for the time being. I am not allowed to know why because it would require them to disclose information about the future. Its OK with me because I really love this planet. I've met the 9th and 10th doctor, the 9th was the one who recognized me as Gallifreyan and triggered my awakening. I spoke to 10 when he was having issues with my father's return, he told me about their friendship as children. We were both devastated to see my father in this state, knowing of the good within him. He's been doing much better recently. He has even accepted my love for Rassilon, despite my fear that he never would...but he hasn't fully recovered from his insanity. As always, there is still hope. I am still waiting for the day I can return home, and assist with the healing of my planet. I want to bring love back to Gallifrey and her people. Rassilon, Gallifrey will rise. Not with the destruction of the universe, but with love. I am waiting for the day I return so we can bring that love back. Until then I ask you to remember who you truly are. You are a true leader with integrity, capable of compassion and respect. I ask that you hold this in your hearts, and I will be home soon. Hold strong, my love.
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Re: Lilith's intro

on Tue 05 Dec 2017, 21:48
Hi! It's nice to have you here. 

And I'd love to hear more about your version of Rassilon. We've got a version of him in our system. 

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