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A school of tradition and heritage for the children of Gallifrey on earth. All are welcome.
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 The Gallifreyan Tradition Homework Club

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PostSubject: The Gallifreyan Tradition Homework Club   Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:23 pm

Welcome all,

In my time here I have taken on many of our varied Courses -- some might argue too many -- and I have noticed a growing trend of missed assignments and struggling students, myself included.

As such, I have decided to open up a Discord server dedicated to discussing and aiding each other in our various assignments. As this is a space for helping as well as learning, all are welcome here, even if you are not yet part of a class but are just interested in seeing and helping us out. 

The permanent invite link to the server is here:

And thusfar, outside of the individual workshops, the roles we have are as follows:

Student: for all those studying in a course right now
Tutor: for all those teaching a course right now
Interested Participant: for all those not currently part of a course, but whom is interested in participating or just wishes to help other people
Initiated: for all those who have passed the Initiation Workshop and been Initiated into the Society

Counciller-Healer Sapphire "Zomo" Balmore

Zomamɑnowɛb'ɪkɛskələslungbɑrotadanas || Adoptive cousin of the Prydonian Chapter || Houses Aesculus and Lungbarrow || they/them ||
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The Gallifreyan Tradition Homework Club
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