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happiness through acceptance, etc.

on Tue 17 Oct 2017, 11:53
not 100% on whether i should be doing one of these, given that i've been around on discord for some time now, but i understand there might be people here who aren't on discord? so 

(i'm even less sure what 'act as you would on gallifrey' means, esp. since i'm pretty sure that i would have been just as bad at gallifreyan social norms as i am at the human, except in the sense that 'i live in a hole in the rock and read books and don't want to talk to people' is a social norm, which considering dromei i guess it kind of is)

hello my name is lightcity; i'm not gallifrey, as far as i can tell; i am here for memes and moral support and opportunities to infodump about faction paradox and that's it really. dromei / INTP / virgo sun, taurus moon, scorpio rising / toootally not a squid thing from the dawn of time / queer as hell my dude / specifically sapphic ace nb - i like ey/eir/em aesthetically speaking but don't consider any neutral set to be misgendering / rich (mostly) abled white kid / low-empathy autistic / tired 

i think that covers everything (?) i am here specifically on the forums because i heard there was rp somewhere here and i finally decided i should make an account

cthulhu fthagn, divine and perfect paradox, love from the voice of light city, etc.

♦ this is the voice of light city ♦ today is high productivity day ♦ your state loves you ♦ happiness through acceptance ♦
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Re: happiness through acceptance, etc.

on Tue 17 Oct 2017, 19:46
Welcome, anciently exhausted not-cephalopod!

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Re: happiness through acceptance, etc.

on Wed 08 Nov 2017, 19:49

Okay, my apologies for breaking the Rule of Conduct. I'm just excited to see you here! Hopefully, we can get this forum up to a somewhat significant level of activity.
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Re: happiness through acceptance, etc.

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