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 Perception of things

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PostSubject: Perception of things   Fri Oct 06, 2017 4:19 pm

Tw - medical language and medical procedures used in link. Nazi and antisemitism mention in link

It has been wonderful hearing from all of you throughout this entire class. Being able to understand psychology as we know it today and challenge whether or not our current understanding is helpful or accurate is extremely important. The very last thing that I would like to go over in our class is perception. Our perception of the world around us, other people and their intentions is very important. Very often in my personal life I have found myself telling people around me that occasionally a person's perspective of what is going on is more important in understanding their actions than what is objectively going on. One important thing to look out for in our assessments of others are stereotypes.

We are not capable of acting on things that we do not know, we are only capable of acting on what we can perceive. Often our perception of things and people are not entirely objective and it is important to understand that we do not have the only need points on life.  Stereotypes can either be positive or negative, and are often not based in reality. Many times negative stereotypes greatly impact neurodivergent and disabled people, mostly because neurotypicals feel that if somebody has difficulty with things they deem to be easy that the person is incapable of being a complete person on their own and this leads to neurodivergent people being infantilised and spoken over.

A lot of times these stereotypes lead to snap judgments that we make before we even are consciously aware of our bias. In most people,bias is mostly a subconscious thing that we are not even completely aware of ourselves. This is why it is always so important to stop and think before we actually judge people. In addition to this we have to be extremely careful about how we portray others. It has been shown that the words we use to describe the people around us have a major impact on how these people are seen. It isn't even always as obvious as neurodivergent see, this simple Act of changing a single word in a description from a positive to a negative can impact how that person is seen. The example given in our text is when a single word was changed at the end of a description from warm to cold. Even such a seemingly innocent change had massive impacts and how this person was perceived by others.

As you read through the chapter I would like you to think about how our biases impact our daily lives. What do you think of the impact of bias in our lives both in terms of potential bias in yourself and the bias of others.
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Perception of things
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