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 Concentrating on the Things

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PostSubject: Concentrating on the Things   Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:55 pm

“Or when the Train of Thought gets derailed…
and drives into the bog”
Patrician Shilo’s sense of humor

CW - A brief description of an experiment
used to measure brain activity using a non-
invasive technique

Although most of the time we are able to able to continuously focus on a problem or a bit of information, this does not always go according to plan. This ability to concentrate, or train of thought, is an important part of all problem solving.

All people have to put effort into concentrating on problems or information, although how much work it takes to be able to concentrate is different from person to person. In most neurotypicals, concentration requires work even though it is is often seen as second nature. When we are concentrating, we rely on things going according to a certain script, and to not deviate too much from these expectations. Any serious deviation from what is expected can quite easily interrupt a person’s train of thought, forcing them to deal with disturbance before they can even attempt to go back to the project they were concentrating on to begin with. While this is relatively easy for many neurotypicals, neurodivergent people often find that it is much more difficult, and in some cases even impossible to continue on concentrating on the same task. In addition to this added inability to refocus and concentrate many people, especially neurodivergent people, find that they are entirely too drained and scattered after being being interrupted to continue concentrating on anything. In all neurotypes, it is as important to understand exactly what happens when our train of thought.

Is it easy for you too be able to concentrate, or is there a specific environment you need?
What do you find happens when you lose your train of thought?
Are you able to easily refocus, or does it take some time to be able to concentrate again?

One of the explanations of what happens when our train of thought is interrupted by an unexpected occurrence is we unconsciously review exactly what happened that was different. In a way, we are reshuffling our thoughts in order to incorporate the new and unexpected bit of information. In order to gain insight on what happens when we are surprised by unexpected information, people (most likely neurotypical) were observed reading nonsensical sentences, some while attached an EEG and others simply being observed. In every case, there was a moment of surprise, either a delay or re-reading of the nonsensical word with a startle reaction (startled face or eye flutter) or a distinct wave pattern on the EEG.

In any study, this reaction shows that the new and unexpected information has a significant impact on attention, and in turn a person’s ability to focus. While this may be a mild inconvenience for most neurotypicals, it can completely derail many neurodivergent people. This is especially true in neurodivergent people who already have difficulty attempting to settle down to focus to begin with. Once a person who hyperfocuses is interrupted, it is often exponentially more difficult for them to become re-engaged in their project again if it is possible at all.

How would you describe your ability to concentrate?

How would you improve both the environment you need to focus, as well as accommodate others who may have vastly different needs than yourself?
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PostSubject: Re: Concentrating on the Things   Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:01 am

I need a very specific environment to concentrate; so specific in fact that I haven't quite figured out what it is yet. If I lose my train of thought I often find myself rerouted to a dozen other tasks before I can't get back to the first, if I ever do. It seriously sets me back and often means I'm late to do most things.

My ability to concentrate is... Scattered, at best. Often I can't concentrate at all, but at the same time hyperfocus comes suddenly and without me noticing. Generally if I'm working at a computer I have to have my work on the right hand side of the screen and a video on the left, to divide my focus evenly and get things done faster. I actually have a duel monitor setup now for the sake of my YouTube videos, but I also use it so I can have my work full screen and still have the video in my peripheral. Caffeine also helps me a lot, as it is a stimulant, and I confess for better or worse that I find myself self-medicating with things like coffee and energy drinks.

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Concentrating on the Things
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