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Azura's initation assignments thread

on Sun 13 Aug 2017, 20:40
The six core values of the Gallifreyan Tradition are Tradition which means to be guided by the past. Loyalty is the ability to do what one says they will, to be trusted by the group and do what is best for all. Understanding is the root of productive discussions; seeking consensus and know the viewpoints of others. Self-Discipline, the ability to follow through on what it takes to succeed at meeting one’s goals Reverence is showing appropriate respect. Integrity is being a person of one’s word and sticking to what one believes to be right. One must apply the six values to their life rather than just know them. I apply loyalty by keeping the promises I make to others both in small and big matters. Another way I apply loyalty to my life is if someone confides in me about something private I keep it to myself unless they specify whom it is ok to share the information they have given me. The value of Understanding this one I do fine easy since I do consider the viewpoints of others in a discussion. Integrity is doing what is right even when no one is watching people find me trustworthy. Self-discipline this is one I struggle with from time to time for example I might think I can put something off until later but that really isn’t a good idea especially if other things come up. Reverence I find this one pretty easy I do show respect to others. The value of Tradition I’m not quite sure how I apply this one this is something I will need to think about further. The Gallifreyan Tradition Society also believes in the doctrine of Non-Intervention which means one does not interfere with the lives of others without their consent unless harm will occur if one does not get involved. Another thing is if not interfering will cause universal imbalance. I feel I follow the doctrine of non-intervention somewhat well but there is room for improvement. One example where I do well is sometimes people will ask me for advice and not take it I don’t remind them of what it was I said to them I feel sometimes people need to learn the hard way. Where I need to continue to improve is when someone keeps complaining about the same problems but every suggestion is shot down, in this situation I would like to recognize sooner that some people just like to hear themselves complain and they don’t really want a solution to their problem. Another way I follow the doctrine of non-intervention is if mutual friends are in a disagreement with each other I try not to take sides and hear both sides of the situation. In conclusion, I am looking forward to developing ways to apply the six core values of The Gallifrey Tradition Society into my life as time goes on and I get more involved with the community of GT.

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