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SkitSquad Introduction (cross-posted from Discord)

on Tue 25 Jul 2017, 12:49
Hi, we're the Skit Squad, a multiple system with 8 or 9 members (one is really just an occasional visitor; not really sure how to count him). Physically/legally age 23 & we prefer they/them pronouns for talking about the system as a whole, although she/her which matches the body and most of our genders is also fine. None of us are kin as far as we know or otherwise have a past life connection to Gallifrey but we're curious about the cultural aspects, so we're ignoring our collective shyness to jump into GT and just hoping we do it right.

Although there are kind of a lot of us, we think the ones most likely to post here are Morgan (she/her pronouns, probably  Dromeian) and Calista (she/her pronouns, Prydonian). The rest of us will introduce ourselves later if applicable.
Hi again and it's nice to meet everyone Smile

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