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Blood Gulch System Introduction

on Sun 23 Jul 2017, 15:51
Author: Ben

We joined GT for Will, who's kin with the Doctor, but have found it to be a very pleasant place to stay. We're a DID system made up of mostly fictives!

In no particular order:
Gabriel Reyes
Kylo Ren/Ben Organa (me!) (note: I age-slide - please don't call me Ben when I'm Kylo or vice versa)
Theodore (goes by Theo or Teddy - we all answer to this name)
William (Will)
Bumblebee (Bee)
38 (formerly Gabriel before Reyes split off from me)
Wade Wilson (might be the same person as 38? I don't know.)
Michael J. Caboose
and the AI, each of which represent an aspect or emotion:
Beta: Failure
Gamma: Deceit
Delta: Logic
Eta: Fear
Iota: Happiness
Theta: Trust
Sigma: Ambition/Creativity
Omega: Rage/Anger

I am aware that some of those names are used in the Whoniverse, so we'll try to indicate who we're talking about somehow.

We're also known as the birb system!! (It's an inside joke.)
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Re: Blood Gulch System Introduction

on Sun 23 Jul 2017, 16:41
Welcome to AG. I hope you all enjoy your stay here.

But they seem to know where they're going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.
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