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Lirija Intro

on Thu 08 Jun 2017, 20:24
Greetings to members of the Gallifreyan Tradition and the curious.
I go by the names Jade, Lirija, and Void. My pronouns are they/them/their.
I am a Patrician of the Council and a moderator for this site.

For me, GT was a project to work on with a person that I admired highly. This has grown into a new and unique culture, has assisted in discovers of many aspects of existence, including several parts of my own life, and has the promise to create an accessible, sustainable, and welcoming future.
I do hope that GT can assist others in making discoveries about the universe and themselves, helping them to find the best path for themselves to become what they wish to be.

I will be teaching Collective Gallifreyan, a conlang created to be a functional (i.e. useable for communication) version of circular gallifreyan.

I wish for GT to be a welcoming place, and I will attempt to resolve any conflicts or issues that are brought to my attention. I would prefer to know of a difficult problem than to be blissfully unaware, typically the longer a problem goes on, the greater it becomes.

I am also happy to answer any and all questions, regardless of subject.
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