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Sapphire Balmore/Raven

on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 17:05
I'm usually not good at introductory posts, as introductions require me to know anything about myself that is at all interesting or relevant. Fortunately for me here, I have plenty.

My name is Raven. Once, a long time ago and yet barely any time at all, I was Sapphire. You can use either to refer to me, I don't mind -- it'll be Sapphire in roleplay threads though. Back then, I was The Doctor's daughter. I spent little time on Gallifrey, as I was raised by my mother for the first hundred and fifty (or so) years of my life, until I was roughly the size and maturity of a five-year-old. When my mother's kingdom was destroyed by war, my father saved me and left me on Gallifrey in the care of the Academy. I might have had my chance to grow and learn there at last, had the War not ripped that home from me as well (and so close to the birthday that would have made me the equivalent of eight years old)

Here I hope to regain that stolen childhood, and revive my stolen home. A Universe where I have true care and love and the belonging of a world, people, and family. I look forward to it, and to getting to know you all
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