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Forum Rules and Regulations

on Tue 11 Jul 2017, 15:09
General Rules

  • All interactions between members of the Society are to be based on informed and affirmative consent. Breaches of the consent protocol will not be tolerated.
  • We practice Radical Inclusion/Acceptance here. Members are obligated to respect the peaceful existence of others, regardless of whether or not they understand them.
  • Members have the right to have their life experiences, gender, orientation, neurotype, spiritual beliefs, and alterhuman/plural status respected. They do not have the right to have their opinions respected if said opinions are disrespectful to any of the above.
  • We take a much more positive view of Gallifrey than much of the fandom. If one does not have a genuine love (genuine love =/= “affectionate hatred”) for Gallifrey as a civilization, they probably do not belong here.
  • Please make an effort to use understandable spelling and grammar.
  • Please make at least one thread per week in order to keep activity levels up.
  • Keep all language and roleplay PG-- this is a family-friendly forum that accepts members of all ages, so please be mindful of the Academy's younger students.
  • Any abusive behavior should be reported to a moderator, even if the moderators are the ones responsible. We want to be kept accountable in order to keep the Academy a safe and ethical environment.

Rules of conduct for formal settings

  • When speaking to someone of higher rank, address them by their preferred title. If you are unsure as to someone's title, do not be afraid to ask.
  • Do not speak over those of higher rank. All questions should be posed respectfully.
  • Make sure all conversations remain relevant and on-topic.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, mistreat or talk down to someone lower on the hierarchy. Remember that your rank is a symbol of responsibility, not ownership.
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